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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are We Going To Have Trucks or Dolls At Our House?

We had our first ultrasound today! Our baby is looking really good and healthy, which is awesome :] Baby's head is a little big, which leads the doctor to believe I'm about 20 weeks instead of 19, which puts our prospective due date at March 25th. Sweet! We got to see the little feet, and hands, and face, and the gender!
Do you wanna know what we're having?
Nah, I bet you don't....
Oh, you do?
Well...its a......


We are so excited!! I have to admit, I'm also extremely worried. Because here's the thing...
I have a problem...and its sorta hard for me to see...
I can't do hair.
There, I've said it and its out there! I can't do hair! I've had short hair for so long and I struggle just to put it in a ponytail! Oh my poor poor daughter...I hope and pray she has curly hair like her Daddy, that would be a tender mercy.
But other than that, I'm so excited! Oh man, to be having a daughter! A cute little girl! I already know what I want her room to look like :] Here's two of the bedding sets I really, love:

I'm also keeping my eye out for anything with forest animals...because I love deer and foxes and owls.
But anyways, we've got her name picked out, so if you would like to know that, I might tell you :] We'll see ;]


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Pretty pretty PLEASE tell me the name?? I can't wait to meet her!!! Congrats! Oh, and if you really think you need help, Uncle Kent will teach you his ways. He was SO good with his girls!

Jennifer said...

Umm those are the CUTEST rooms! :) So cute!! :) Congrats again! That's so exciting. You'll eventually learn to do hair.. maybe you'll be able to do your daughters hair better than yours? You never know ;) And name??? Please?

Katie Hansen said...

Wow, a GIRL!!! Congratulations you guys.

Alicia said...

Cute rooms!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! I think you need to share what name you are going to use, what if someone doesn't know and picks that same name!? hehe We have that problem in Wade's family...once you announce you are pregnant you have to claim a name! LOL Shelby was going to be Caleb if she was a boy...but Jared & Mel had a Caleb 2 weeks after, funny, but what if...LOL

Anyways, we are SO excited for you guys!!! :)

emily said...

Hooray hooray! I'm so excited for you! We find out on the 18th. I. Can't. Wait.

angie said...

#1 having a girl first is perfect... they're a great help.
#2 you'll think she's darling whether her hair is done or not... no who cares!
#3 pottery barn kids has GREAT bedding with owls on it.
#4 hello... did you REALLY not post her name?? seriously?!

McKinley said...

How fun!!! There are so many cute girly things out there! You should check out Babinski's it is in Sugar house. They have great amazing things. Also there is a cute boutique at the Riverwoods. I think shopping for the baby is one of the best parts. I am soooooooo excited for you guys. I can't wait to see what she will look like. Hope you are feeling well.

Melinda said...

Congratulations Tara! Girls are the best. And you will get the hang of doing girly hair. Promise. Even if you don't she'll be a doll anyway.

And did you check out Tarjay? They have the cutest stuff.

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