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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Kylee

This is dog 20482 at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. She is a 3 year old Jack Russell/Corgi mix. We went to the shelter this morning, and met the sweet sweet dogs there. Two in particular stood out to us as our possible future dogs.
Jenny was a Chihuahua mix (no picture available, sadly) who looks just like my best friend, Kat's, dog, Turbo. She was shy, and reserved, and didn't bark at all.

And this sweet girl is 20482, or as we have named her, Kylee. She was in the back with the bigger dogs (next to the GIANT bloodhound). The dogs around her were leaping and dancing, and barking, but little Kylee just walked to the front of her pen to greet us. She almost looks like she's smiling! She's a sweet dog, and we're crossing our fingers to adopt this sweet dog.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Tyson and I are living in a basement apartment in Springville, Utah. Now, to me, Springville was that one city that you drove by on your way to Provo, you know, an exit. Oh ho ho, let me tell you, Springville is such a cool place!
It is called "Art City" and it truly is that. There are statues lining Main Street and everything about them is original and fantastic.
The homes here are amazing! Some are so old and colonial, while others are so modern. I drove by a home yesterday with these two GIANT hands on their front porch. I love it!
It definitely has a country/small town feel (manure, chickens, horses, cows) but with the conveniences of a city (Wal-Mart, Sonic, AutoZone). I love it here. :]

Monday, February 8, 2010

Where We're At

It has been a crazy few months in the Rollins household! Here are a few highlights :]

*Tyson has started school again at BYU. He is enjoying his classes and works on campus!

*I'm working at the Sister Missionary Mall and lovin it!

*Our car is awesome. Enough said. :] (Think Batmobile cool)

*We're living in Springville, and we are really loving our apartment. Its basically super cute :]

*I have a cute new coat. I love that it is freezing here, so I have the excuse to have a cute warm coat.

*I want a puppy. But what's new?

*Tyson still loves explosions and coming up with amazing war stories.

*Our house FINALLY looks like our home. We have pictures and things hanging, so I love it!

* I need new 3 year old Vans and 2 year old Chucks are beginning to show their wear.

*Tyson needs a new camera, basically because my camera won't flash, and he currently doesn't have one. Meh.

*We are extremely grateful for tax refunds. Let me tell ya.

*I love having so many temples close to us! Sigh... :]

*We're excited to go to Vegas soonish!

We are happy campers, and loving the married life. :] Psh, who knew it could be this fun? :]