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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Almost Through With Trimester Two!

I'm a poet and I wasn't even aware!
Week 23! Its crazy how time is flying...Baby Ruth is growing like mad, and moving like a fiend. She's especially active right as I'm finally relaxing for bed...she's gonna be a turkey, I can tell :] Tyson is able to feel her move and Emma and Kev felt her this last weekend while we were in Vegas!
And yes, we are naming her Ruth. Ruth Anne to be precise. :]
We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas with my family and it was a blast! For Thanksgiving dinner, we went to the Garden Buffet in the South Pointe Hotel/Casino and man, was it delicious. And I got to eat sushi! (no fish in it, but it was still spectacular). We also got to walk through the cactus garden at Ethel M chocolate factory, which was beautiful. It was so nice to spend those days with our family.
Friday morning, Mom, Emma, and I got up and left around 6 to get in line at Jo-Ann's Fabric store, because their flannel was $1.29 a yard, which is a screaming deal. We only stood in line for about 10 minutes, and we were in the store, so we didn't completely freeze. We couldn't get a cart right away so while Mom watched for an available cart, Emma and I packed around about 10 bolts of fabric. My arms are still sore! But we finally got a cart and loaded it up with our bolts and waited for our numbers to be called. I got enough fabric to make 6 blankets :] and I will post pictures as they go!
We ended up needing to leave a day early, however, because the Storm of the Century was a few days late. It was SUPPOSED to come through on Tuesday, but decided to hang out until Sunday, so we took off on Saturday. We're extremely grateful we did though, because we woke up this morning to a thick blanket of snow.
So anyways, that's what's new in our lives. Also, Tyson submitted his portfolio for the Photography program at BYU, so keep your fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are We Going To Have Trucks or Dolls At Our House?

We had our first ultrasound today! Our baby is looking really good and healthy, which is awesome :] Baby's head is a little big, which leads the doctor to believe I'm about 20 weeks instead of 19, which puts our prospective due date at March 25th. Sweet! We got to see the little feet, and hands, and face, and the gender!
Do you wanna know what we're having?
Nah, I bet you don't....
Oh, you do?
Well...its a......


We are so excited!! I have to admit, I'm also extremely worried. Because here's the thing...
I have a problem...and its sorta hard for me to see...
I can't do hair.
There, I've said it and its out there! I can't do hair! I've had short hair for so long and I struggle just to put it in a ponytail! Oh my poor poor daughter...I hope and pray she has curly hair like her Daddy, that would be a tender mercy.
But other than that, I'm so excited! Oh man, to be having a daughter! A cute little girl! I already know what I want her room to look like :] Here's two of the bedding sets I really, love:

I'm also keeping my eye out for anything with forest animals...because I love deer and foxes and owls.
But anyways, we've got her name picked out, so if you would like to know that, I might tell you :] We'll see ;]