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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emma and Kevin

Two nights ago, I had put the kids to bed, and I was sitting downstairs, and Kevin comes down. "Tara, your computer is blinking really hard! Can you bring it downstairs?" No, Kevin. Go to bed. "Please, Tara!" No. Put a blanket on it or something. So, when I went to bed later on, my robe was completely covering my computer! Then the next night, as I'm getting ready for bed, (I share a room with Kevin) he comes up to me, "Just so you know, I'll be sniffing a lot tonight." Okay, thanks for the heads-up! :)
Then, tonight at dinner, for whatever reason, we were talking about shaving our heads. Steven says "I'll just shave off my hair." and Emma goes "You can't shave your head!! That's only for circle-head people! You're a square-head!" Oh goodness, I have an entertaining family. :)
How was that for entertaining, Matt? :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Much Fun!!

So, I'm sitting here wondering what I should post about, and I want to do something funny, because my cousin Matt tends to comment on my funny ones :) But I couldn't think of ANYTHING funny, so I decided I'd post my favorite pictures of my semester at SUU!

This is Skye and me at the tire graveyard, I think it was the 3rd day up there.

Bah ha, me being emo :) I seriously love my hair in this picture...and I still haven't given Matt his "Norma Jean" shirt back

"Man"icures!! Oh so fun :) That's Spencer, Creeper (Justin), and Kohl, the coolest kids :)

Dani and I after we finished duct taping the boys' doors! That was awesome.

Mine and Skye's fridge with the magnet fish eating the word "love." We had fun with those :)

The duct tape heart! This is from when the boys got me back for duct taping their doors. After I went up to Salt Lake for the weekend, there was a web of duct tape in front of my bed :)

Me learning how to the lobby of the boy's hall :) That's Matt in the back, the one whose shirt I have :)

My gingerbread house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being "taken" to see Bolt!

Dani and I were so stoked that the movie theater was all decked out for Twilight. This is the "Welcome to Forks" sign. There was also a "forest" and the pagoda that Bella and Edward dance under at the prom.

On our way to Vegas in October :) We were trying to take a normal picture, but it's Nathan we're talking about :)

Yep. These were the kids I hung out with :) Just another night at Wal-Mart

We're cooler than anyone we know :) My best, Dani and me :)

My roommate!! She was the best roommate I could've asked for

My giant bear from Nathan! :) Aw he's as big as me!

I really do miss it, and I really want to go visit Cedar!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Dreams

So, apparently I need to stop watching "A Haunting" on Discovery Channel. For whatever reason, I'm addicted to that show, and I watch it whenever I get the chance. So yesterday, I watched the end of an episode that had to do with Pagan hoo-hah and it was really weird. So my dream: I was going to my Grandpa Sullivan's house, and he had fallen away from the church. This was weird to me because my grandpa is a Patriarch. So we go to his house, and now he's a devil-worshipper. And there are pentagrams all over his house, and I was freaked out, but my parents are like "I love what you've done with the house" and such. I refused to go into the house, and my grandpa was wondering why, and I said "Grandpa! There are pentagrams everywhere! There are going to be demons or something in there!" And then I woke up. Yeah, it was a weird dream. No more watching that show! "Ghost Hunters" on the other hand, is a completely different story... :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Shook an Apostle's Hand!

Yesterday, there was a valley-wide fireside and L. Tom Perry, his wife and Elder Anderson of the Seventy and his wife spoke! They were really good talks, and I really enjoyed them. Sister Perry talked about the things that you should be doing while you are not married, so you'll be ready when you do get married. Then Elder Perry gave an awesome talk. Firstly, he told us about when his first wife died, after a while the Prophet called him into his office and told him he needed to find a companion. Elder Perry said "can you imagine a member of the 12 Apostles trying to call for a date??" And he also chastised the men in the audience. "I did it twice, and they were both fantastic. Most of you men out there can't even do it once!" He was a great speaker. After the meeting, we stood in line to shake the Apostle's hand. He said something different to everyone that shook his hand and he told me "I love your life." So there you have it, an Apostle loves my life! :)
Also, I had a job interview today. Cross your fingers. I really need this job. I need a job period. We're hoping this one comes through!